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PowerMBA – The first global business school

PowerMBA: like a top MBA, but more updated, practical, flexible, and for a fraction of its cost and time…. Wow, it looks great, right? But, is it true? Can a top MBA cost only 950$? If you want to know all the secrets about PowerMBA, keep reading. I am student from one of the first promotions in Spain.

What is PowerMBA?

PowerMBA is a business program created by top entrepeneurs to help you to become a real expert on business administration in a short period of time and at low cost. PowerMBA has revolutionized the business schools with a flexible learning system based on the microlearning: short lessons focused on very specific topics, which facilitate the assimilation of concepts by the student. In addition, these lessons are designed to be accessible from any device (computer, tablet or mobile) and from anywhere.

Studying ThePoweMBA at the beach

PowerMBA has turned around the model of traditional business schools, which is based on exclusivity: tens of thousands of euros programs aimed at a very small group of students. What has PowerMBA done? Quite the opposite. An MBA has been put on the market at an affordable price (less than $1000) and its program is already taken by tens of thousands of students .

Is it worth it?

I can only tell you good things about PowerMBA. My experience was fantastic and offered me everything I needed at that time:

  • An updated MBA very focused on the digital world.
  • Classes that I could make compatible with my profession (I’m an engineering director in a construction company and I don’t have much free time).
  • A program with hundreds of case studies (I’m passionate about startup stories).
  • Inspiration to launch my projects

As you can see, PowerMBA came into my life at the right time and was a small revolution in my way of seeing business. Also, thanks to PowerMBA I made one of my dreams come true: I published a book! You might wonder what it has to do writing a book with ThePowerMBA … Well, much more than you think! It helped me, for example, to:

  • Break many mental barriers and know how to face new challenges.
  • Focus on the important thing.
  • Know what tools to use in each phase of the project.
  • Apply the right marketing strategy.
  • And much more!

Should I enroll PowerMBA?

PowerMBA is the master that has changed the rules, so go for it! Over 17,000 happy students cannot be wrong.

Do you need some more information?

Visit the website of ThePowerMBA– you can try the course for free –

If you are still not sure, or you have doubts or you do not know if TPowerMBA is interesting for your career, contact me on Linkedin and I will tell you in detail all my experience.

Gerardo Marote


If you want to do an MBA online, go for PowerMBA. Learing is always the best investment. In the words of Albert Einstein: «any moment is good to learn something new».

Gerardo Marote.